nyhet 2020 European Chapters Workshop

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Chapter Workshops Overview

Talare: Christine Saegesser Baethge, Senior Director, Chapters and Individual Members


Talare: Ceren Unal, Regional Policy Manager Europe

The Internet Way of Networking

Talare: Senior Policy Advisor Carl Gahnberg; Konstantinos Komaitis, Senior Director, Policy Strategy and Development; and Andrei Robachevsky, Senior Director, Technology Programmes

Video recording of all topics: https://isoc.box.com/s/k2lk7xmj9uvu4flkyv5l6kqmo5bkqntk

Audio-only version of all topics: https://isoc.box.com/s/3a3l7kjunc319xqri802f0zqxt9ox87f

Community Networks

Talare: Max Stucchi, Regional Technical Advisor Europe, and Juan Peirano, Senior Policy Advisor

Trust and Traffic in the Covid-19 Era

Talare: Robin Wilton, Director, Internet Trust and David Belson, Senior Director, Internet Research and Analysis

Video recording of both topics: https://isoc.box.com/s/y2so1p1xue2pyzln1pcukkllrd7i77ih

Audio-only version of both topics: https://isoc.box.com/s/dt44by46gme9kloj0uq34lvzv180zp3i

Internet Society Foundation

Talare: Mabel Gunda, Communications Manager, and Brittany Piovesan, Program Officer, Internet Society Foundation

Chapters – Sustainability

Talare: Desiree Miloshevic, ISOC Serbia Belgrade Chapter; Frederic Taes, ISOC Belgium Chapter; and session participants

Video recording of both topics: https://isoc.box.com/s/187nybmdn5i8ef4t1njj8ninsx8fxgb9

Audio-only version of both topics: https://isoc.box.com/s/cbagxtmoq7mjqu363veys7ukbjxr2qdb


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