“Ask Vint Anything”

Internet Society European Region bjuder in till Spring Social den här fredagen (21 maj) klockan 14:00 (kl 16 svensk tid) UTC för att få lyssna på Vint Cerf.

Inbjudan från ISOC Europe:

Recognized as one of the “Founding Fathers of the Internet”, Internet pioneer, and recipient of multiple honorary degrees and awards such as the Turing Award, the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, Marconi Prize, and the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, Vint will be ready to answer whatever questions you have.

Maybe you’re curious about his relationship to Jon Postel, or his thoughts on artificial intelligence, environmentalism, IPv6, COVID-19, his Google experience, or interplanetary communications … the options are limitless. Now is the time to ask hm personally.

This very special, one hour event is called “Ask Vint Anything”, where our members have the rare opportunity to ask Internet veteran and evangelist, Vint Cerf, …anything.


Fredag 21 maj klockan 14:00 UTC på Zoom:










Vint Cerf