Internet Society Fundamentals program 2021

Internet Society Fundamentals program 2021
Vi söker nu medlemmar som vill lära sig mer inom ett antal områden och bli lokala ambassadörer för dessa områden här i Sverige. Det är totalt sex olika områden, online-föreläsningar inom respektive område kommer att hållas mellan April 12 och April 23, 2021 av ISOC centralt.
Lokal samordnare för Internet Society Fundamentals program här i Sverige är ordförande Jonas Lejon.
Om detta låter intressant för dig, skicka ett mail till: jonas <snabel-a>
The webinars will cover basic concepts and the narrative required to approach different audiences to raise local awareness. No previous background is required. Below are some details about each topic:
  • Encryption: This content is applicable to anyone who uses the Internet or who has contacts in industry or with policymakers. Strong encryption is fundamental to secure and confidential communication on the Internet, so anyone who is a user of Internet services would benefit, and to the extent they can influence businesses to offer or adopt stronger encryption, that is also a benefit.
  • Infrastructure and Community Development: Members with a strong technical and policy background who are ready to engage on activities related to mobilizing and supporting the creation of local communities of practice such as IXPs, NOGs, NRENs, Hackathons, etc.
  • Open Standards for Web Servers: Members who are operating web and/or email servers. We will support them to understand how using open Internet standards can help make their servers more secure and more available.
  • Community Networks: Members with an interest on Community Networks, from the technical and the policy side. We would like to create a networks of supporters of the Community Networks project, that could deliver training on the ground and advocate for Community Networks as local experts.
  • Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security: Members interested in amplifying the benefits of routing security and members with technical background working as Networks Operators.
  • Internet Way of Networking: This webinar is open to any interested community member. No previous background or experience is required. The webinar will introduce you to the Internet way of networking, underpinned by the five critical properties that impact the growth and adaptability of the Internet.